October 16, 2012: God’s Amazing Surprise


Sometimes God guides us in weird and amazing ways.

And, when this happens, I believe it’s best to just get out of the way and let Him do His best work through us – because God knows more than I do.

I have been blessed with the opportunity to return to La casa del alimento, this Saturday. The goal is to re-stock the kitchen with the food and supplies that they need to run.

As you can imagine, feeding more than 80 people 2 meals a day, every day costs a lot of money. Due to Canadian laws, it is tricky for us to send the $500 a month that it costs to buy food and supplies. However, if someone from FriendsChurch is physically present – we can buy non-perishables like rice and beans that they can store for long periods of time.

By being physically present, we also remind the family that there is a church in Canada that cares, that is praying for them, and that is walking with them in their journey.

On Saturday, October 20, I will have the privilege of serving the Solares family in their ministry.

Thanks God


The Back Story:

2 years ago, our 2010 Mexico Team came and built a soup kitchen for a family in need. “La casa del alimentos” (The House of Food). The family had been serving people out of their home for about 3 years. They and another family spent their own money to buy food for community members in need. Our team was able to help them by building a 22×22 building for them to house the soup kitchen in, which provides them with a gas powered stove, fridge, sink and seating, as well as space to prepare the meals.

Our team from 2 years ago fell in love with this family…a family who was living in poverty saw a need in their community and acted to fill it. The dad is Phillippe, the mom is Sylvia and they have 2 teenagers – a boy and a girl.

Since then, the family has tripled the number of people that they serve. They have also started serving both breakfast and lunch, whereas before they were only able to serve breakfast. Last year, we returned and they were so grateful, as they had run out of food. The family had no way to contact us, but he had been praying all day that God would send a way to feed the people in that community. That day, our team showed up and took them shopping for 2 months worth of food.

Since then, our youth group “Switch” has been running a monthly bottle drive and other miscellaneous fundraising events – such as bake sales – to send $500 a month to support the food costs. That $500 feeds roughly 80 people breakfast and lunch for 1 month. That translates to $6.25 per month per person!


Water (def’n): Anything that God uses with and through us to make the world a better place.


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